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As a frequent browser of my Instagram feed, I notice a lot of new and fun home-delivery “boxes” making their way to the mailboxes of my friends and followers. The boxes range from those catered to our babies and toddlers, make-up, mommy stuff and even snacks and food. I decided to have a little fun with these boxes as well and am going to try a few of them out and then review those for you. Based on my reviews you may or may not decide to try them out as well!

Today, I am going to start with the Graze box. I selected the Graze box or several reasons. Being as my first box was free, that was as good of a reason as any. However, in addition to a free starter box, they also offer these boxes at a very affordable rate of $6 per box shipped. The most appealing part of the Graze box for me was that it is a healthy option snack box. Don’t get me wrong, i would love nothing more than a snack box full of chips and chocolate…however, that would defeat my fitness and health goals! So…i stuck with healthy. Not only are the graze boxes healthy, but the packaging and inserts are all 100% recyclable. So healthy and earth friendly… bonus!

With the Graze delivery snack boxes you have two options. You can choose: Option A.) The Nibble Box – All healthy, low calorie snacks with a wider variety of options. OR  Option B.) The Calorie Counter Box – All still healthy options but with the least amount of calories ranging from 50-150 calories. Regardless of your choice, you only pay $6 per box shipped. You can opt to have the boxes delivered weekly, bi-weekly or more often if you prefer.

So let’s get started! I present to you my very first Graze box …


graze31As you can see, I have a lovely box full of snack options! From top left, clockwise we have: Cherry Fudge Sundae, Cracking Black Pepper Cashews, Summer Berry FlapJack and Herby Bread Basket. The fun part with these snacks, is that once you’ve sampled them, you can then go online to your account and rate them. If you don’t like it then you rate it “Trash” and you never have to worry about seeing that snack again. However, if it makes your taste buds dance, then rate it “Love” and it will be added to your list of favorites.

Cherry Fudge Sundae (brownie fudge bits, cherries, cherry raisins and almonds) 200 calories for the entire snack- Although i thought i would like this one…it ended up getting a “Trash” rating from me. I did not like the brownie bits at all! They were really just little bits of flavorless food. The cherries were too over-powering for my liking as well. I lasted one bite and it truly went to the trash! This one was a no-go for me! I promise you though…it gets better from here!

Cracking Black Pepper Cashews (black pepper cashews, roasted cashews and red skin peanuts) 200 calories for the entire snack – This was a WIN! I am a lover of nuts. Be it a cashew, almond, hazelnut, peanut, or otherwise. The Black Pepper Cashews have just the right amount of “bite” to them with the pepper..not too much, not too little! The other cashews and peanuts are fresh, crunchy and delish! LOVE this one!

Summer Berry Flapjack (Rustic Rolled Oat Flapjack with Berry Infused Cranberries) 230 calories for the entire snack — This was probably my favorite item in the box. I love oats and anything with the “granola bar” make to it. This was a home run! Chewy, not too sweet, full of flavor and just absolutely yummy! I rated this one as “LOVE” and hope to see these whole oats options in future boxes!

Herby Bread Basket (basil baguettes, garlic crostini & oregano rice crackers) 90 calories for the entire serving — I must admit this was a close running for my favorite. I love bread and croutons so i knew i would love this option…and i did! The Garlic Crostinis and Oregano Rice Crackers are to die for delish! If i would have gotten a box with 4 of these I would have been totally happy with that! This was a “LOVE” rating from me as well!

As you can see, overall, this box was GREAT! Had i paid the $6 for this box, i would have been more than happy with that purchase. I am looking forward for my next box to arrive in 2 weeks!!

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So, go now and get your first box!! Please visit and get yours today! Use code: DAWNP3RZB

I hope you enjoy your healthy snack boxes as much as I am!!!

Until next time,

Dawn P.

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