Letter to Madyson on Her 14th Birthday

collageTo my sweet Madyson,

As i begin to type this, i don’t comprehend how it can be 14 years since i held you for the first time. Today, 14 years ago, you made me a mother for the first time. As you have become older, you and I have shared many talks about how we had a bit of a rough start. But you also know despite any rough start we had as a duo, you have been such an inspiration and blessing from the moment you took your first breath. I remember holding you for the first time and hoping that I would not let you down, praying that I would make you proud as your mother. I looked forward to the life I had ahead as your mother… my heart swelled with an immense amount of love, a little bit of fear and an immeasurable amount of hope.

I remember bringing you home and fumbling my way through learning how to be a mother. Most of it comes naturally, but don’t let anyone fool you sweetheart, there was still a lot for this young mother to learn.

From day one you have been strong willed. Whether it’s been crying until I would come get you and cuddle you up in bed with me, using your sweet personality to talk me into going somewhere or buying something, or now as a 14 year old just turning on that charm you have to make this mother go weak in the knees. Did you know you could do that? Turn your mother to mush by just smiling or giving me a squeeze? Well you do!

I wish i could bottle up your light…yes your light! You have always been such a loving, kindhearted, compassionate and helpful kiddo. From the minute these characteristics were noticeable you have never been afraid to hide this side of you. I love that about you. I love that you always stay true to who you are. You aren’t afraid to cry in front of others or stand up for what you want. You are a gem my sweet girl…an absolute gem! The tears fall as i write these words knowing that these 14 years have flown by with such speed… when they say “don’t blink” while raising children, they really mean it! In 2 short years you will be driving and in 4 short  years you will heading off to college.

As you turn 14, if i could give you any bit of advice I would tell you this:

You will make mistakes. Don’t let those mistakes define you. Learn the lesson that was intended, brush yourself off and move forward.

Laugh often..laugh as often as you can. Life is full of hardships and things that may bring you down. Never pass up the opportunity for a laugh. Have fun and laugh hard!

You are entering high school this fall…remember that mean girls are just that. They are mean. Never, ever let that deter you. You are strong, willful, and kind. When someone is mean to you, don’t return that with more hate. Show your strong, willful and kind self…Lead by example!

Be yourself. God made you who you are sweetheart. Don’t ever aim to be like someone else. Embrace who you are …because that is beautiful! Be confident and always carry yourself with a smile.

Most importantly, please know that I will always be by your side. A mother’s love never waivers. Mine never will. It’s impossible to put into words the love i have for you. It can’t be measured or described. I will always love you, support you and be there to pick you up when you fall. You have my promise!

I am certain in the years ahead, we may not always see eye to eye. Despite any disagreements, my love will always remain. I’m sure at some point voices will be raised, doors will be slammed and tears will fall. It’s all part of the journey for both you and I. Regardless, i wouldn’t change it for anything…because at the end of the day I have you as my daughter. You really are the beat of my heart big girl. So lucky to have been chosen as your mother.

I love you with every part of who I am. Happy 14th Birthday my sweet girl… to many years ahead!

Love you to the moon and back…

Your mama!

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