How A House Water Filter Can Protect Your Family’s Health

1Consider the water you drink every day. Did you know it contains contaminants such as synthetic organic chemicals, biological parasites, by-products from the chlorination process, toxic heavy metals and an array of other harmful elements? The E.P.A. reports that there are over 2300 harmful cancer-causing agents in our drinking water, as reported by the Ralph Nader Research Group. This obviously raises the question of the necessity of a house water filter as a purification method for tap water.

Navigating the Bottled Water Minefield

Yet in our modern society, health and staying healthy is big business. Health is our national obsession and our attention has been turned to bottle water as a way of staying healthy. However, in itself the trend to use bottled water is not doing our health any real benefit. You see, research commissioned by a Swiss-based conservation group indicates that most bottled water is really only plain tap water quality.

And, to shed even further light on the case of bottled water and tap water, one has to keep in mind that as a developed society we use more than 80,000 toxic chemicals a day, with thousands more being developed each year. These chemicals ultimately stay in the water and are often not extractable in water treatment facilities. This is rather unfortunate as our water treatment technologies have basically remained the same for the past number of decades, depending on sand beds for partial purification and chlorine for removal of harmful bacteria.

Finding the Solution in a House Water Filter

The solution to this is of course a house water filter. Where, after water treatment, a vast range of toxic elements has remained in the water, it removes even these, leaving only the essential trace minerals behind. Statistics reveal that 75 years ago, when the environment was devoid of present-day chemicals, only 2 % of the American population got cancer. In today’s society that number has gone up to almost 1 out of every 3 individuals with 2 out of every 100 males and 1 out of every 8 women developing breast cancer. Of course not all cancers are directly linked to the water we drink but there is still a very strong relation.

Good for your Health and your Wallet

Of course, there is the question of the cost of installation of these water systems. On the one hand, one has to admit that it would probably cost more than, say, a bottle of water. On the other hand, however, the long term effect is that money will be saved by replacing bottled water with the water run through it. This will not only benefit the financial situation of a household, but also the health. A house water filter is an option that can no longer be ignored and is fast spreading throughout the world as the healthier alternative not only to tap water, but to bottled water as well.

There are many types of house water filters you can choose. However, I strongly recommend buying a Reverse Osmosis system, because it is one type of the most effective filters on the market. And if you plan to get one, read some reviews first, like this best reverse osmosis system reviews.

If you just need a filter to get some clean water to drink, some water pitcher filters may be your best choices. However, this kind of filters cannot remove some contaminants.

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