Finding the right OBGYN

Once I realized I was pregnant, I knew who my OBGYN would be. My friend when she had her first child used an OBGYN that she bragged about and I had no hesitation in using his service. He was warm and comforting, but most importantly he was detailed and made it his point of duty to explain everything to me. I had a lot of questions and he always had an answer for me. When I was pregnant the second time, there was no doubt he was to be my OBGYN again and both experiences were without complaints.

Now there are many qualified OBGYNs out there and there will be many recommendations from friends and family, but here are some things you should consider separate from qualification:

  1. The availability of your OBGYN for your delivery. Doctors go on vacation or have other commitments, so it is important from the first visit to have an idea of your due date and whether that is an available time for your doctor.
  2. The ability of your OBGYN to deliver at the hospital of your choice. Some doctors do not offer private delivery at some hospitals and this is an important factor to be considered.
  3. Ultra Sound facilities. Through out your pregnancy you will have to do one or more ultra sounds and it is far more convenient when your doctor has that facility in his office.
  4. Personality. No one wants to deal with a doctor they do not like, so find someone who is easy to talk to and with whom you feel comfortable.

During pregnancy your OBGYN will be your new best friend so select wisely. I love my OBGYN so much that even now I want to go to him for medical issues not even related to his field (lol). Sadly I will not have reason to see him again as my pregnant days are over (crossed fingers and legs…dwl)

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