The Delivery – C-Section

The best way to describe this experience is WOW! No article or video was going to prepare me for this horrific experience.

Being pregnant with twins I knew the issue of birth by C-Section was very possible. My doctor and I waited to the last minute to decide and eventually it came down to what was best for Twin B (So Daniel I did it for you). The course of action was to have elective surgery as oppose to going into labor. Hospital inefficiencies aside (a totally different blog), there was no mental gymnastics that was going to prepare me for this experience.

I was wheeled into the theater and suddenly it dawned on me that this was serious! My money was able to buy me the services of the best medical team but could not buy me the peace of mind that was very lacking. The situation was aggravated by the fact that the anesthesiologist just could not find the space to insert the spinal epidural and the thought of being put under delivered a fear I have never experienced before. Couple sticks later and we were ready to go, but so was I. I literally wanted to get off the table and run away but the numbness from my chest down meant I was going no where soon.

“Don’t go into the white light”, I told myself…lol! I felt like I wanted to sleep but I refused and as I listened to my doctor talk through the surgery, tears of unknown proportions fell from my eyes and I was just a nervous wreck and it was only the crying of Twin B that comforted me. I was relieved further when I could feel my legs and when I was wheeled to recovery with my twins beside me; it was worth it!

I was told that recovery with a C-Section is hard and I was determined to bounce back quickly. What was clear is that your abdominal muscles are some of the most important muscles in your body…because everything hurt. It hurt just to cough! The pain I knew would be there, but what I was not prepared for was the spinal headaches. It was day two and a headache unlike none I have experienced before literally hit me for six. The pain started in the front of the head and move to the back and down the spine and up again. The pain worsen when I sat…I swear I was going to die! The remedy….Pepsi; now who would have thought!

There is no doubt in my mind that vaginal delivery is ten times better. To date I still feel sticking in the area and there is a general numbness at the site. But when I look at Daniel in particular and the risk he was presented with…it was worth it.

Now I enjoy the thrills!

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