Boys will be boys…

As a mother of only boys, this phrase is my life and has new found meaning daily. My two year old son would give the average person a heart attack every five minutes base on his dare devil attempt at everything. Like trying to sit upside down, pretending the ground is made of bouncing tiles, wrestling every and any one…etc. Then you add to that the high level of energy, a reluctance to hear and desire to find the game in everything and you have the recipe for the average boy!

But boys are suppose to make you want to draw out your hair and lose you voice (all of which have happened to me on multiple occasions) as anything less and they will be girls. Boys are suppose to be rough and tough while finding a way at all times to tug at her heart strings. So what do you do with boys? You let them be because you could shout all you want, beat all you want, punish all you want…boys will be boys. They will turn your world upside down, send you to the emergency rooms and get you old before you know it!

Here are some tips:

  1. Ensure for the most part that the home is child proof (not 100% guaranteed especially if you have a boy…lol)
  2. Get dark furniture ( this goes for all children…but boys will run outside in the mud and then run inside and jump up and down in your sofa!)
  3. Use a carpet in front of all sofa or beds (this will ease the fall because they will jump from the sofa and the beds, its just a matter of when!)
  4. Dress them in jeans or a long pants when outside playing (boys tend to run more and climb more, hence they fall more. This will reduce the amount of bo bo you will have to kiss later)
  5. Get a medical kit full of band aids (funny enough I have never had to use them because my child is made of steel!)
  6. Allow the fun, but observe from a comfortable distance (once no immediate harm will come to them don’t say “no”, “stop” it will only make them do it more! Just observe!)

They say God takes care of fools and children and this is so true! I once told a parent who was concerned for me raising Adam, that my silent wish is that he makes it to 5 without breaking a bone! so far so good!

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