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The older I get, the more I start to think about what I should be doing to take care of myself. I should probably drink less Coke, I should probably spend less nights on the couch watching TV, and I should probably be taking at least a multi-vitamin and possible some supplements daily to ensure I can keep my cholesterol down, maintain a healthy heart, and keep my energy level up. Of the things I SHOULD be doing, adding a vitamin and supplements seems to be the easiest way to give my health a boost in 2011 – but

where to start? I was in Publix last night looking at all of the vitamins and supplements available and my head started spinning just thinking about all of the options. I noticed several brands of fish oil, which is recommended by the American Heart Association to reduce cardiovascular problems. What I didn’t realize is that some fish oils are mass produced by fish farms, resulting in fish being injected or subjected to chemicals or dyes. Even when fish oil is obtained from “wild” fish, the fish sometimes have a high level of mercury and metals. Worse yet…these versions of fish oil can result in an upset stomach and fishy burps, or a bad taste in your mouth. I’m definitely not interested in any of that! As I did a little more digging into my options, I learned about Krill Oil. Krill are tiny little crustaceans that are at the bottom of the food chain – they’re mostly whale food, with a seals

and penguins enjoying them as a tasty snack as well. Krill Oil contains all of the good stuff contained in fish oil, and none of the bad! Even better, Krill Oil has more antioxidants than Vitamin A, E or Lycopene, eliminating the need for extra supplements for the purpose of ingesting extra antioxidants. Krill are metal and mercury free and found in the wild naturally, meaning no chemicals or dyes make their way into the Krill Oil. It’s 11 times more effective than fish oil at lowering bad cholesterol and 6 times more effective for reducing wrinkles – YES!! Learn more about the benefits of Krill Oil online and discover how you can improve your memory, eliminate aches and pains and avoid the fish burps!

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