Alcohol & dehydration

Why they lead to serious illnesss

Prevent, treat symptoms of dehydration from alcohol

Add alcohol dehydration to the many symptoms of overuse of alcohol.

No need to list all of the effects of unhealthy consumption of alcohol. The physical & social tolls related to alcoholism is enormous.

We will outline the particular finding that alcohol causes dehydration and suggest easy ways to prevent, treat problem.

Alcoholics are dehydrated.

All of them.

Just a quick look and inventory of their health profile and symptoms suggest how alcoholism & dehydration are as connected as peanut butter & jelly.

Generally, alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it increases urination and flushes water from the body.

In part, alcohol dehydration results from increase in kidneys flushing water out of system.

Alcohol removes fluid from tissues it contacts.

Notice, for example, that cosmeticians use it to dry up pimples. It also dries up mucous membranes making respiration more difficult and leading to sore, raspy throat.

Alcohol also contains many toxins that require more water to help flush out

Alcohol also reduces our store of vitamins and minerals.

Dehydration caused by drinking drains potassium from the body, resulting in thirst, muscle cramps, dizziness and faintness.

Alcohol dehydration also leads to the body turning off its anti-dehydration processes in body.

This actually affects a basic, vital function of our bodies.

Finally, dehydration from alcohol, in particular dehydrates brains cells. This makes sense when we see how psychologically compromised alcoholics & drunks are.

Alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction may come from dehydration of cells. This provokes more drinking of alcohol in a misguided attempt to hydrate.

But, of course hydrating with an alcoholic drink is impossible for 2 reasons: 1)It’s a diuretic & 2)You become drunk well before you can use even some of the water in the alcohol.

The felt need for alcohol resembles the hunger pangs of the failed dieter. They are both real needs for increased water that are misperceived.

Easy solution

Just drink more water.

Stay generally hydrated.

But especially, when having a few drinks, have a glass of water before starting & one glass of water per drink consumed.

At the end of a splurge, drink as much water as you can but be sure to add a multi-vitamin and multi-mineral to replace lost substances.

An electrolyte replacement drink may be helpful afterwards.

Finally, counter some of the toxins in alcohol by eliminating contaminants from your water. Purchase a good water filter locally or visit the Aquasana store through our link for a discount.

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