The Adventures (some Mis) of Raising a Teenage Daughter :)

I knew this day would come. The day that the phrase “the teenage years” really started to make sense to me. Now I will start by saying that we do have a pretty awesome and well-behaved 14 year old daughter. She’s a good kid! She participates in numerous school activities and maintains honor roll. However, the day’s of the teenage ‘tude have arrived. The days of door slamming, tears, teenage PMS, ridiculous arguments followed by more hugs and more tears have made their delightful way here.

For us, the year of being 13 has been pretty smooth. The changes were expected. I felt i was somewhat prepared even. Once she hit 13 her love of music became very prevalent. When we are in the car now she controls the radio, and most often the songs played are pop and hip hop. Mady will sit in the seat and sing every single word right along with them. Even the ones i can’t understand. I can sit upstairs in the living room and here her downstairs in her bedroom belting out the tunes to all the latest ballads. She loves music! I can handle a little music for the years ahead…hell i even like most of what she listens to.

However, music is just a blip on the teenage radar. There are bigger fish to fry especially for teenage girls. Has anyone ever confided in you how much fun teenage PMS is?? That’s because they’d be lying. I’ve learned that PMS is real folks, it exists. And it’s far worse in teenage girls than it is in 30-something women like myself. (My husband may disagree, but what does he know about PMS! Pssh!) I mean i knew the day would come…but seriously!

Just a couple days ago we were all up and getting ready for the day. The usual rush around the house get everyone clothed, fed, and out the door routine. My daughter strolls  upstairs in her yoga pants and t-shirt. I say “Is that what you plan to wear to school?’ I get (with a sigh) “Yes, mom! It’s ISAT (state testing) week at school and i want to be comfortable.” All my eyes are focused on is the fact that i can see her blue undies through her pink yoga pants, panty lines and all. The yoga pants are tight on her booty and I’m not a fan. So, i tell her to go downstairs and change her panties to some that may not be so noticeable. She is pissed obviously that she has to do this (the hair flip and eye roll gave it away), BUT she does it and comes back upstairs.

I’m standing in the kitchen eating my breakfast and she strolls past me. Again, my eyes target in on her booty. I see her underwear line still and the yoga pants are JUST TOO TIGHT! So i tell Mady that I’m sorry but she can’t wear them to school and she needs to change. Yes folks, that’s all i said. The dramatic sigh, “UGH, and “What, MOM! I don’t have any others to wear!” may have said otherwise. But that’s truly all i said. Following her clearly aggravated statement, i said “What about the black ones with the sequined waste your wore last night?’” I get “Seriously mom, I just wore those last night? They are DIRTY!” Now this is where i can’t help but to laugh out loud! Oh but touche’ my sweet teenage daughter! Dirt didn’t stop you from getting out the Magcon T-shirt out of the DIRTY CLOTHES PILE and wearing to school last week. Oh no…didn’t deter her one bit! But, how dare i suggest she wear the same yoga pants she wore around the house for a few hours the night before. How dare I do such a thing?! What kind of mom am i? I mean really??

Let me just tell you this folks, the days of my daughter thinking i was funny are over! What used to be funny is now just completely embarrassing. No more acting silly together. She’s too cool for that. She is a social butterfly and loves to hang out with her “BFF”. The last 3 shopping days (mom and daughter days), she declined to hang with her BFF. I am now chopped liver status.

Heck, it wasn’t THAT awful long ago she’d still crawl in my bed and watch TV with me. Not anymore. I can’t say i blame her though. She has some pretty awesome friends and she makes good decisions. If only we can overcome the teenage ‘tude we’d be doing great!

Now, i joke about the teen ‘tude we are experiencing these days, but i consider myself lucky. We do have a great girl. Despite these adolescent “hiccups”, we have a very well-rounded and loving daughter. The attitude, impatience and such just go along with the territory right now. I will continue to remind myself of the phrase “This too shall pass”. One day it will have passed and she will be an adult and on her own and I will be wishing for a slice of this time back. So i press forward and take it in stride. The moments that cause us grief and anxiety now are the ones we tend to look back on with lessons learned and fond memories of much later.

To all the other parents of teenagers out there….I wish you all the best of luck! Hang in there, never give up, and always remind your teen (even at their most un-lovable moment), how much you love them. Things will be forgotten years down the road, because they are just things. The love you gave your kids will not be!

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