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FACT: The more moisturized your skin is, the easier you will tan. In addition, drinking water also helps to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. After any tanning treatment, the body is warm and dehydrated, just like after lying in the sun. Drinking pure distilled water quickly brings back LIFE and nourishment to all body parts, systems, and organs, and lifts the inner spirits of the mind and body. The giving of clean, fresh pure distilled water to your body makes the tanning experience a memorable experience – one to do repeatedly. Having pure distilled water available makes you feel refreshed and happy.

When opening or going to a tanning salon it is important to know that there are important factors to enjoying the experience. Regardless of the type of tanning process, the light coming from tanning beds is good for both your body and mind. Did you ever wonder why you felt so happy and relaxed after a day on the beach or laying on the deck? Just like sun light, the tanning rays deliver vitamins to the body to make you feel better.

The tanning salon you frequent is a great way to get the relaxing, indulging feel you deserve and especially in a salon that focuses on the décor, music and a few added extras. For example, in the best tanning salons the music you hear is selective, and sets the mood for relaxing but upbeat. Customers relax through the tanning process with a big smile on their face.

A common practice is to have a towel to use after done tanning. A nice touch is the gift of a warm towel as this is much more of a comfortable sensation after getting out of the warm bed as this again makes for a more comfortable and relaxing overall experience.

Finally, to help the mind and body want to repeat the process, drink only pure distilled water. You will develop a whole new positive healthy habit that some say is – priceless!

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